Take programmatic marketing in-house and step into the future of mobile advertising

Kayzen empowers advertisers like you to break out of the blackbox and build your own algorithms for retargeting and user acquisition.

Grow smarter over time and spend more ad dollars on exceeding your marketing KPIs.

Let’s explore how:

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Save up to 50% margins charged by middlemen by bringing programmatic in-house
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Get access to all of your campaign data with full data sharing with log-level access
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Master iOS 14+ campaigns with a fully integrated suite of SKADNetwork tools on our platform
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Bring your own data or build on top of our APIs to accelerate campaign performance

"We have been working with Kayzen since early 2019 and have hence been close to their product progress. We have benchmarked it thoroughly against other managed re-targeting providers in the market and came to the conclusion that it's the most competitively priced and advanced solution for our needs."

Noga Laron
Noga Laron, Director of Marketing, PLAYSTUDIOS

"Our partnership with Kayzen was a success right from the start. We are achieving better results, improving, and scaling while hitting 1.5X of our ROAS goals."

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Krisztina Simon, Retargeting Lead, Product Madness
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