Programmatic Inventory Explorer

Reach your audience across thousands of apps

Unlock new opportunities in the in-app landscape with Kayzen's Programmatic Inventory Explorer. Access and analyze programmatic inventory to gain valuable insights such as estimated market prices, impression volumes, and unique reachable users. Expand your horizons beyond walled gardens and discover untapped potential with our powerful tool.

This tool enables you to: 


EVALUATE the performance of your ad campaigns against market benchmarks


MAKE informed decisions to effectively reach your target market across a wide range of apps


ANALYZE programmatic in-app inventory to gain valuable insights for your campaigns

Explore the data

Use Cases

Unlocking the Power of Programmatic Inventory Explorer:
Leveraging Real-Time Insights for Your Campaign's Growth
Benchmarking (1)

Optimize your pricing strategy by benchmarking your CPM


Acquire insights into your reach to optimize your campaign setup


Gain full visibility on inventory and ad placements for enhanced control